It’s a bad day, not a bad life.

At the end of 2016, I decided I was done accepting mediocrity. It seems like that was yesterday yet January is basically over. I can’t believe how fast this month has flew by. Looking back though this has so far been a month of productivity and progression in this journey I’ve begun and I have no plan on slowing down.

When it comes to positivity, not everyday is easy. The storms that put Northern California under water were doing more than flooding roads and testing levees. When I first discovered the term Seasonal Depression I thought it was a bunch of crap. However when the forceful wind hits your house so hard you think it was thunder, the rain hasn’t stopped in three days and every sad thought you ever had seeps through the walls and pours over you as you lay in bed in the morning it doesn’t seem so impossible. Hitting snooze more times than you should because you simply don’t want to get out of bed but eventually you get up, you get ready and you start your day anyway. 

Even when it seems like the last thing you want to do, the biggest favor you can do for yourself is get out of bed and keep going. Stay positive. Close your eyes and imagine the sunshine and warmth and sweet blackberries of summer if that’s what you need to do. Focus on your goals and remember that every step you take each day is a step towards reaching your goals and bettering yourself. 

Not everyday is a good day. I’m not going to sit here and tell you that there is no such thing as a bad day. Two days ago not only did I lose my emergency $25 which I needed at the time, when I got to work my system was down, then dealt with the ordinary workforce stress, ended my workday with a frustrating and completely avoidable misunderstanding, then when I finally made it home I discovered there was a hole in the back of my pants the entire day that no one noticed (or informed me of if they did). I had a bad day. The kind of day my only option at the end of it was to go to bed and try again tomorrow. Which is EXACTLY what I did. 

I woke up the next day refreshed and ready to try again. I caffeinated myself and took on the day with a smile on my face. It was a new day with an opportunity to make it the best day I could possibly have. 

You have every opportunity to make a good day a great one. Believe in yourself, focus on your goals and make this year the best year of your life. Through good days and bad; love yourself, become addicted to bettering your life, and give your future self someone to look back on and thank for never giving up. 

-The Girl in the Glitter ✨ 
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Smokey Eye Obsessed

Everyone has their favorite go-to makeup look. For some, it’s as simple as some concealer and mascara before running out the door. For others, it’s a full face glam look with a highlight beaming to the Gods and winged eyeliner sharp enough to cut a bitch. For me, it depends on the day. Some days I just want to sleep in and only have time for a killer highlight and a few coats of mascara, but other days I’m ready to walk out that door with a sultry smokey eye and a contour baked to perfection. One of my favorite looks though, is inspired by none other than the queen herself Jaclyn Hill. She recently posted a how-to tutorial on a smokey cat eye makeup look. Jaclyn used false lashes and eyeliner in her video I opted out of that on this particular day because I was wearing my glasses and it drives me absolutely bonkers when my lashes brush my lenses. I decided to axe the eyeliner because I blended my shadow to perfection and didn’t feel it was necessary. 

To accomplish this look I began with my everyday foundation routine (which I would be happy to go into detail in another post) then went in with my Kat Von D Shade and Light Contour palette using the bottom middle shade. The cool tone shade has been my favorite since I bought the palette just before Christmas. 

After that I grabbed my Becca Cosmetics X Jaclyn Hill Face Palette and dusted the apples of my cheeks with the metallic blush in Rosé Spritz just ever so slightly to add some color to my naturally pale complexion. This blush is just metallic enough to transition into my highlight which makes blending that much easier. 

Now normally I do my brows next. There’s nothing special about how I do my brows. I don’t use any brow specific product or even a brow gel. Mostly because I’m broke and spend too much money on clothes and coffee rather than makeup. I know, shocker. My brow routine consists of using a dark brown eyeshadow from the Morphe 350M palette which will be blatantly obvious which one in the picture below (sorry not sorry). As well as a random angled brush I received in an ipsy bag six months ago. I like my brows bold and bushy. #DontJudgeMe 

Lookin at the picture, I used the five shades on the bottom row of the palette. Using the the lightest color as my transition, the darkest color on the outer V of my lid and the others I blended into my crease and along my lower lash line. After spending the next ten minutes of my life blending any remotely harsh line I was finally satisfied with the look. That’s when I went in with my Maybelline Colossal Volume Express Mascara in Glam Black and applied a generous amount to my lashes. I usually go in with about 2-3 coats depending on how full and luscious I want my lashes to look. 

After this I go back and highlight with the top row of my Morphe 35E eyeshadow palette. This palette has gorgeous shades perfect for any look. Now I would have inserted a picture but I’ve used it almost to death and no picture was going to do it justice. I am obsessed with the metallic shadows and would repurchase it over and over again. For 20 something dollars anyway it’s perfect for a broke bitch like myself.

For my lips I used a light nude matte lipstick and went over it with Kylie Cosmetics Gloss in So Cute. Hype or not this is one of my favorite nude glosses. I love the formula, the taste, the color…everything! I can’t say this about every shade because I only own So Cute and Literally in her Gloss shades but I am obsessed with both so I definitely plan on investing in more for my collection. 

I know this look might not be for everyone but it is definitely one of my most favorite looks I’ve ever done on myself. It is so simple but looks amazing and I can’t get enough of it…which explains why I took 15 million selfies afterwards (again sorry not sorry😂). I felt confident and beautiful and am excited to recreate this look again and again. 

I’ve never gone into detail about my makeup looks before so if you enjoyed this one please Like, Comment, and Share! I would love to hear your feedback as well as what your go to makeup look is! Are you a mascara and go? Or a full face glam girl? Or maybe you’re both like me. Either way I can’t wait to find out.

 I hope you all have a fantastic rest of your week. Stay tuned for my next post on my Live Your Best Life Challenge and how my first month of the year is going so far. 

-The Girl in the Glitter

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taking the first step…

Now that I’ve officially recovered from my New Years Eve hangover and have dragged myself out of bed and back to work it’s time to get down to business. I mentioned in my last two posts about really focusing on myself this year. Between my goals financially, professionally, and personally, I am READY to make this year MINE.

Tackling all of these goals at once may do more harm than good, which is why prioritizing was the first step I had to take to figure out where I really needed to start. That’s when I realized I had a problem. I cannot tell you the last time I went over a month without buying myself something online. Whether this was clothes, makeup, or accessories…I cannot remember going more than two weeks without charging something to a credit card and just being like, “Eh, I’ll pay it off later.” Let’s just say that hasn’t really worked out for me.

That’s why this month my first challenge for myself is to BUY NOTHING. Now I don’t mean food and necessities but I mean unnecessary crap that normally I talk myself into getting because I want it. I have a keurig at home and a thermos so why do I need to buy Starbucks on my way to work? I don’t need the newest too faced palette even though it’s beautiful and smells like peaches and the shades feel like butter. I have a lot of eyeshadows in the palettes I own now that I’ve never even used. I’m not saying I’m going to become a minimalist or anything like that but I definitely need to get control of my spending.

By the end of this year I want to pay off at least two of my credit cards completely and close them. This is my first step in achieving one of my goals. Maybe it’s not the biggest step but that doesn’t matter. It’s about putting the effort in that is required. If you’re always putting in your full effort you can really do anything you put your mind to! Every. Step. Counts.

What’s your first step to achieve your goals this year?


-The Girl in the Glitter

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LIVE YOUR BEST LIFE! 12 months of positivity and self-motivation

Okay, we’re down to the wire and there’s only one day left in 2016. This year brought some amazing and beautiful things into my life but also tore me apart more times than I can count. I gained back a friend I thought I lost, my sister brought my nephew into the world, and my best friend brought my niece into the world. Unfortunately with good comes bad, and sometimes it’s really bad.

In January, we welcomed a 6-week-old blue nose pitbull into our home. We named him Al Capone Patton and along with our one year old Basset Hound we considered “Capone” as a member of the family. On November 4th, just three weeks before our baby boy turned one, tragedy struck when he got out of our yard and was hit by a car. I’ve never felt so crushed. I felt like my heart had been ripped from my chest. Everyday since has just been another day without our family being whole.

The rest of the year consisted of me leaving the job I absolutely loved for a job closer to home. In some ways this was a positive. Less money spent on gas, less miles on my car, more money, and more hours. However, it meant leaving the hard work I had spent the last year putting into the store, leaving the reputation I had gained in the corporate community, and walking away from any future I might have had with the company. I accepted a great opportunity close to home, it just wasn’t what I wanted for my future, but it was what I needed…even if I didn’t know it yet.

As this year has come to an end, I have spent this month reflecting on the year and myself. Spiritually, my self-worth and motivation have virtually been flushed down the toilet. Financially, I spent 2016 drowning myself in unnecessary (and sometimes necessary) debt. In some ways I dug myself into a hole and even when I realized that I kept digging until I finally took a look up and realized how deep I’ve dug. My anxiety has it’s ups and down, as always, but some days I just don’t want to get out of bed. Some days I just wonder what’s the point of all of this?!? Well, it’s time for change.

This year is going to not only be a year of self discovery and positivity, but also a year of action. I will take the steps I need to gain my financial freedom (or at the very least some stability) back, I will get back into the routine of focusing on myself and my happiness. I will make sure I am surrounding myself with positive vibrations as well as making sure my relationships with family and friends are healthy. I will endure the hardships that life throws at me and never forget what I have learned from it all. This year will be the best year yet, and I am determined to put in the effort to make that happen. Welcome to Living Your Best Life, it doesn’t cost anything but your time and effort.

Follow me on this blog as well as my other social media outlets to see how my journey is going this year. You’re welcome to join me and let me know how yours is going too! Like, Comment, Share! Don’t be a stranger! I would be lying if I said this is going to be easy….a little encouragement and support would be especially appreciated. Ha, ha.

As a side note, I hope everyone has a safe and wonderful New Years Eve. Happy New Year!

-The Girl in the Glitter

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RIP Al Capone Patton

The best christmas gift ever..

The dishes we’ve avoided doing for two days are finally done, our recycling bin is filled to the brim with wrapping paper, cardboard boxes, and about 8 empty champagne bottles, and we’re sitting on the couch wondering if it’s too early to take down the tree and decorations. The only feeling greater than spending the holidays with your family is the feeling of relief you get when the stress of the holidays are over. Don’t get me wrong I love spending time with my family and friends, but I almost love being able to find a parking spot at the grocery store just a little bit more.

This year my family celebrated Christmas Eve together by having dinner, opening presents, and giving an end of the year champagne toast to those who wouldn’t be joining us in 2017. There’s nothing that makes me happier than seeing my family mingling and enjoying the holiday all together. Normally we do all of our celebrating the night before Christmas and spend the next day doing a whole lot of relaxing. This year though, we decided that we would go up in the mountains and try and find some snow.

Shortly after beginning our journey up the hill, we were lucky enough to find snow covered hills and icicle dripping trees. We spent the entire day exploring paths and my dad told my boyfriend and me all kinds of histories and legends in the area. He seemed to know everyone who ever lived or owned land up there. To be honest I’m not all that surprised; when your family has grown up in the same place for over 100 years, you tend to pick up on some things.

At the end of the day, as the sun started to set and we headed back down the mountain to the edge of civilization that is our small town, I began to reflect on how thankful I was to spend the holiday with my parents and the love of my life. Although my family isn’t religious I always try to remember why we celebrate the holiday and do my best to show my respect to those who may not be able to afford gifts or travel to see their loved ones. I know it’s easy with social media flooded with the latest “What I got for Christmas” videos and posts, but never forget the best gift you can receive this holiday is the love and joy that your family shares together.




-The Girl in the Glitter✨

back from hiatus..

Hello Everyone! I’m back from my little hiatus with lots of energy. I can’t believe it’s already December and at the same time I am SO GLAD this year is almost over. I’m pretty sure 2016 has been one of the best and worst years of my life. Which is why, starting January 1st, I’m planning a little 12 month challenge for the year of 2017. Each month brings on a different task to challenge yourself and detox your life in order to make 2017 the best year yet. The reason I decided to make this a one task per month challenge is because I thought really making a difference in your life takes time and effort. Taking your time and really putting your whole heart into becoming who you want to be. Marissa (@marissalace on IG and YouTube as well as owner of @lovelightandlace) started her #YearofYou journey just over a year ago. This was a journey of self love and positivity. Now my spin off of this is to not only embrace the concept of her #YearofYou but also use this to improve your life and achieve your goals. Goals are just dreams with a plan. So let’s make a plan. Let’s follow through together. Let’s change our lives. Also thank you to MarissaLace for being her very inspiring self and motivating me to do this. Subscribe to my blog posts to become a part of the journey. Time to live your best life.


-The Girl in the Glitter

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Turn your dreams into achievable goals.

Have you ever seen something and it gives you this overwhelming of desire? That’s a calling. Sometimes it almost feels like anxiety when it falls over you. Sweaty palms, increased heart rate, those recurring thoughts that often cause the other symptoms to multiply…all because you caught a glimpse at the type of lifestyle or career you wish you could have. I know it might seem scary, but it is completely possible to achieve whatever you put your mind to. No, really, it’s not just a cliche. I’m not saying you’re going to wake up a millionaire one day, or that the dream job is going to just fall into your lap (not that, that isn’t possible). I AM saying that if you put your mind towards something and work your ass for it, you CAN achieve it.

Wake up and work hard. Does your job not pay enough or give you enough hours? Find another one. No education? Educate yourself. Take a class or do research and study on your own. Some jobs offer their own certification program. It might not be a degree from a university but it is something on your resume telling your future employer, “Hey, look at me!” Two years ago I was working a no-opportunity job that made gave me shitty hours and told me I was never good enough. A year ago I was working two jobs, getting almost no sleep and went almost a month with no day off and still wasn’t making enough to live on my own. But I was working hard? Why wasn’t it paying off? Because working with no goal in mind is like driving with no destination and wondering why you’re not there yet. Think about where you want to be in a year, 5 years, 10 years.. Make a plan. Make a vision board if that’s your thing. Listen to motivational speech videos on YouTube (seriously, they are amazing). Do whatever makes you feel inspired and do what you have to, to achieve it.

Last summer, I decided I wanted to buy a new car by March 2016. I wanted to do it on my own, no cosigner, no financial help from anyone. So I worked my ass off. In six months of starting my new job I became an assistant manager. I did this with no prior experience in anything but bussing tables and kissing rude wino’s asses just to make $20 bucks at the end of the night from servers that didn’t want to give me the 1.5 percent of sales that I rightfully deserved (#stillmad). I worked double days at both jobs for weeks. Using every paycheck to stash towards a future car payment or pay my credit cards to keep them at 30% of my credit limits so my credit score would be the best it could be for a 20 year old. I set a goal, had a plan, and I bought my brand new car in December of 2015.

Once I achieved my goal however, I sat on my ass and let the laziness set back in. I forgot what I was working towards. Where do I want to be in a year? What do I visualize for myself? How am I going to achieve that? Well, the answers to those questions bring me to my next piece of advice…

Keep your goals and ambitions to yourself.

The biggest motivator is yourself. Keep it that way. I’m not saying to keep your dreams from your best friends or family who love and support you no matter what. I just know that with everyone sharing every detail of their life on social media/blogs, it’s easy to feel like you want to shout your plans from the rooftops. However, no matter how loud you shout it, the only way to achieve the dreams and goals you want is to work towards them everyday. Never forget that.

-The Girl in the Glitter

P.S. This time next year, I MIGHT let you know what I had planned for the future. 😉